Sunday, 19 December 2010

Italian Food and People.

Over the last two months i have been privileged to meet Italian people, learn a thing or two about their culture, observe their way of life, eat their food (lol), become part of their social circle, make new friends among them and even learn to cook Italian dishes as a result of my job. Wow! what a privilege.
 I admire their family culture and tradition. Just like Africans they are sociable people, hospitable and believe very strongly in family.As I behold them kiss each other on the cheek and forehead (a way of greeting) and hug each other I am full of admiration for the kindred spirit they all seem to have among them. Perhaps this has alot to do with their being far from home.
 I notice the way their faces light up when they come across an individual who speaks their language and the excitement they display.
 Their  food is usually served as meals of several courses and how delicious and healthy they are!
 They way they set the table in preparation for dinner is inviting, I have observed they pay attention to detail and many of them seem to have a taste for what is good. As some of us are aware good wine is part of what completes an Italian dish.
I remember visiting Rome with my family as a young boy when I was holiday from school, it was an interesting experience. Till today (i'm now a full grown man, lol) I still have memories of the Vatican, the popes cathedral and headquarters of the Catholic faith. As young as i was then, I was in awe of the architecture of the building. Italians have contributed alot to architecture.
Italians have contributed in no small measure to development in many fields of life. From the theatre, to fashion, movies, architecture, food and business. Theirs is a rich cultural heritage.
So far many of their women seem chatty and friendly. Boy, are most of them beautiful.
It is my hope that my ability to speak the language and understand it will match up with my ability to prepare their dishes. Boy, am I learning fast.
Salute! lol

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  1. If there is anything i am passionate about, it is meeting people from other cultures, I find the diversity of this world very fascinating and from my little trips outside my home country, Nigeria I have learn't a lot of things about other cultures, It's good to have an open mind because it will enable you to appreciate the good things about people from other cultures,from the little I know about Italians, they have a very strong sense of kinship and they also love food and good wine, these are constituents of living life to the hilt, It's not for nothing that they coined the phrase "la dolce vita' which means "the good life". Italians are also known for their passion for the arts and fashion.