Monday, 20 December 2010

Comic book heroes and Gods children.

I remember growing up with comic books. I enjoy reading an interesting comic book anyday, from DC comics, to Marvel and 200 AD comics books. It helped my imagination and helped to improve my writing and art skills. My siblings also liked and still like comic books.
It's not that i have been weaned off comics books anyway (lol) but i dont have time for them as much as i used to. Life has a way of keeping us busy as we grow up. But it's a delight to see that a lot of the characters and teams i grew up reading about in comic books are being made into movies. There is a certain fascination we all have for heroes, particularly the ones that have extraordinary powers or unique gadgets (check out Batman).
The Incredible Hulk was the first comic book character i read about and got to know when i was round about 6 years old in Zurich, Switzerland where my family was based at the time.
Gods Word the Bible also took my interest years later after we moved to Nigeria, i remember listening to my dear mother going through the Jehovahs witness My Book Of Bible Stories with me as a very young boy (we are not Jehovahs witnesses) and i was fascinated by the pictures. Especially seeing the picture where Samson tore the lion apart with his bear hands. Bible characters are very interesting, their stories are fascinating and they have their weaknesses and strengths just like comic book heroes.
There are similarities between comic book heroes and Gods heroes in the Bible.
*Gods vessels (heroes) are not perfect people, comic book heroes are not perfect people too.
*Gods heroes have their weakness (women, greed,pride, impatience, fear, insecurities), comic book charaters have their weaknesses too (cryptonite, women, anger, impatience, lead, vengeance, overconfidence etc)
*Gods heroes have gifts given to them by the Spirit (the anointing, wisdom, knowledge, counsel, working of miracles, prophecy etc) comic book heroes are also gifted in different ways (super strength, super speed, beams, lazer rays, spider webs, invisibility etc)
*Gods heroes and comic book heroes have been given their abilities for the benefit of other people. To save and help others.
*There are two sides to comic book heroes eg. Thor and Superman. Superman is nerdy Clark Kent, Thor is a weaker fellow who carries a walking stick. Gods children can be weak one moment and have divine strength the next moment. I see similarities here.
Gods children are the ones we have been waiting for.
Are Gods children the new superman?

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