Sunday, 19 December 2010

Pray And Work

It is the late William Booth the founder of the Salvation  Army that said ''pray as if everything depends on prayer and work as if everything depends on work''. I couldn't agree with him more. My understanding is that prayer and work should go together like to sides of a coin. It has been  my observation that  many people don't balance these vital qualities of prayer and work to get the desired results they want. It's important to balance both, as Edwin Lewis Cole of blessed memory one said ''balance is the way of life''.
Prayer takes care of things from the spiritual realm, while work takes care of the physical dimension of life. We are created to be fruitful and productive as we live in this world which has a very practical dimension to it, part of the law that governs this practical side of life is the law of diligence (working hard and smart). There is no substitute to hard work in the school of success. There is no substitute to prayer in making circumstances and situations line up in your favour.
A combination of these two 'forces' and their proper application will ensure your success.
Best wishes!

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