Tuesday, 21 December 2010

NIGERIA & 2011.

Politics and current affairs are some of my interests, i like knowing whats going on around me and the world in which we all live. I like people, i value humanity. So what concerns the sons of men touch me to a very large extent.
I follow whats happening in my country too, thats natural as a concerned and responsible citizen. 2011 is around the corner, in Nigeria it's a year we will be picking new leaders in our country so it naturally brings mixed emotions for me when i think about it.
2011 can be a great opportunity for Nigeria, an opportunity to get it right and choose right. My understanding is that life is full of choices, and how well we choose determines the quality of our lives. It's time for Nigerians to choose right.
But unfortunately if Nigerians don't take positive and pro-active steps beginning from now towards 2011 i'm afraid she won't develop as well as she should and she can continue going round in circles. Nigerians need to get smart. The starting point of Nigerias progress is in the mind of Nigerians. The brain is one of the best and biggest gifts God has given to us here on earth. The true change Nigerians desire has to begin in the mind of Nigerians, a mental revolution is what Nigeria needs. When this happens it will affect the choices Nigerians make, especially our ability to pick leaders  and resist oppression in the land.
Nigerians must vote right in 2011. They need to know what to look out  for in picking  leaders at various levels in 2011. Below is a list of what i believe can be a guide to Nigerians in picking good leaders in 2011.

1)It's not every educated person who means well thats articulate. Therefore Nigerians shouldn't be carried away by any politicians rhetoric in 2011, but they should look out for the track record of positive achievements and contribution to socety among intended candidates.
2)Nigerians should look out for leaders who have a high level of decency (i believe we have them), men who can rekindle the interest of youths in the political process and be an inspiration to them. Role models to our young people.
3)A man who is committed to his faith (irrespective of what his faith is) is very likely to be principled. In 2011 Nigerians should vote leaders into power who have a faith and have shown some committment to it for years.
4)Nigerians should vote  candidates into power who have an ideology and a standard, not 'bread and butter' politicians.
5)Nigerians should vote  men who have a good level of exposure into power, exposed, not necessarily internationally  but who are intune and coversant with whats going on within Nigeria and intune with the modern age. If Nigerians don't vote leaders who understand the ways and time of the modern world into power, Nigeria may remain backward.
2011 will pass away like any other year for individuals and  the whole Nation if  Nigerians dont make right decisions. In 2011, don't vote without  making informed decisions. Read the manifesto of each party and find out what each aspirant represents.
God Bless Nigeria!

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  1. A very well put Blog, & one that should go out to
    all of the Nigerians whom are deciding what Leader
    to vote in. May they come to acquire wisdom, &
    that a lot of them are full of 'mouth & no
    substance' so that they can take back their
    Country, & stop living in slavery, mentally, &