Saturday, 1 January 2011

Nigerias' Entertainment Industry.

The entertainment industry in Nigeria is an evolving one. It's growing and its come a long way from where it started from, its quiet vibrant at the moment. Nigeria is a nation that is blessed with talents of all sorts, from academics, to writers, to sportsmen, business moguls, intelligent politicans, brainy students and ofcourse gifted entertainers- MC's, comedians, DJ's, dancers, cultural troops and actors. Nigeria has beautiful ladies too. You should check out our Silver bird beauty pagents. Queens of all sorts have been produced from Nigeria. Kudos to Agbani Darego a former Miss World Queen, who came seventh when she contested at the Miss Universe beauty contest and won the Miss photogenic position (if i remember right).
 I like quiet a number of our actors and actresses. I remember Regina Askia (i wonder whats she is up to now), Ego Boyo, the late Mac Uthor Fom (from Behind the clouds), the late J.T Tom West, Desmond Elliot, Lilian Bach (isn't she pretty?), the gorgeous Dakore Egbusan, the lovely Genevive,Funke Akindele, the handsome Pat Attah, and ofcourse comics like Sam Loco Efe (he is soo expressive) and Nkem Owoh.
 Our musical videos and production is obviously getting better. Nigerians know how to put sounds together i tell you. Its obvious we are a people who value entertainment. The music of P-Square, Bracket, Sound Sultan, Wande Cole, Tuface, D'banj are several of the entertaining musical performers we got out there.
 The comedy sector is not doing bad at all. I am proud of what many of these guys have done for themselves by carving a niche through comedy. We have the 'father' of comedy like Ali Baba who is still very much around, Ay, I go die, Basket mouth, Seyi de Law (he is very humorous), Klint the drunk and the newer generation of comedian like Teju Babyface (who is also a talk show host), lepacious Bose, the petite and pretty Helen Paul, Princess to name a few.
 It is an industry that is far from perfect. It's still taking some form of shape and i think it's gradually discovering itself and its potential. The world is gradually taking note of it. It will get there.
 I wish the entertainment industry in Nigeria good progress in 2011.

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