Saturday, 21 February 2015

The need For Life Skills.

Your skill can determine whether you will succeed in this life or not.
Your skills are very important to you, and you will do well to cultivate them!
Your skills can become a major determinant of your success and recognition, your financial prosperity and your ability to win your own share of the market in business or career.
In life, more often than not, we are recognized for that which we do exceptionally well.
What you do exceptionally well, better than others is what people will gravitate towards you for, and make you or the work of your hands a brand name in.
Your skill what you do really well and exceptionally giving you the edge.
Our skills can be innate or acquired. Innate skills are those qualities in the form of talents and gifts we are born with, such skills flow out of us naturally and we have a natural 'knack' for it. While acquired skills are not natural to us be developed over a period of time due to training, practice and observation.
Both forms of skill can take you to the top and I think we should make the most of both forms of skill, our innate and acquired skills.
Acquired skills call for a making the most of opportunities life presents to us. The acquiring of certain skills will not always seem like an opportunity when the chance presents itself.
This is where our decision making comes in, you have to make the right decisions to create or receive the right opportunities. One of the opportunities life will present you with whether you recognize it or not is the opportunity to acquire skills you were not born with.
Folks, we have to make the right decisions! Making the right decisions may not be the easiest of things to do but it always pays off in the long run.
The 'opportunity' to develop your skill of multitasking may present itself as you try to build your career and raise a family at the same time!
Working in a nursery or child care setting may develop your ability to plan activities for your children or child many people do not think about.
Having a child or children, even a spouse may develop your ability to be patient!
Working in a public place or customer service job may develop your people skills which is a top valuable skill!
What kind of decisions/choices are you making?
When you want to pick between job offers or when you aspire to build a career what do you consider? What makes you pick one career path over the other?
Unfortunately, human beings can be very limited in their 'sight'. Foresight is a very rare and necessary ability.
Are you able to weave your experience into your present circumstance, to squeeze foresight out of it?
When life is trying you, do you let it do its perfect work, moulding you, helping you, developing your endurance, and stretching you unto better things so that you will have the 'eagle eye' on matters and learn to multi task or do you complain, whine and give up?
Your job should be a place, or offer an environment where you can grow and develop.
When you took your job offer or applied for that work, did you consider a job where you can learn life lessons and develop life skills? Most people spend more time on the job every week than they spend at home during their working careers. If you are going to put that amount of time into a job you might as well choose a job that enhances you especially in the area of skill acquisition.
Are you able to draw out your development from your current enterprises? Do you have a right, healthy perspective to issues?
When you are being built up, even if you don'tlike the process, do you complain or do you learn your life's valuable lessons from the process?
It's never to late to do the right thing!

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