Friday, 20 February 2015

Modern Day Judges

Judges have always been of interest to us.
Theres is something about judges that command respect and reverence and they tend to have a presence.
There are judges of all sorts and of various degrees and for different reasons. From talent show judges, to judges in the court room, to judges in villages, towns and localities and tribes.
The position of a judge is an important one, judges are decision makers whose ability to analyse, think and sometimes discern affects those whose matter they have to deal with.
In Bible times many of God's heros were judges. Men like the powerful Samson, the valiant Gideon, the prophet Moses, Samuel the chief prophet of Ramah and King Solomon.
The view and verdict of a judge could mean life or death, prison or freedom,and sometimes favour blessings, compensation or doom, gloom and regret to those the outcome of the judges decision are dealt to.
Judges are used in beauty pageants, talent competition shows, baby pageants e.t.c
The role of a judge is one we all play at some point or season in our lives. Decisions have to be made in our family lives, between friends, relatives and employees, employers and colleagues, and at times we find ourselves having to make judgements.
A judgement refers to the ability to make reasonable, beneficial decisions. This calls for wisdom!
Wisdom, the Bible says is the principal thing. It is the number one thing an individual should aspire for, for good judgement answers to wisdom!
Wise King Solomon cleverly played the role of a judge when two women were presented before him and he found himself having to decide and discern who of the two women who were harlots is actually the true mother of the child. But wisdom saw him through the situation, and his stardom began!
God is the giver of wisdom and the ultimate judge. God is described as a great judge in scriptures who will judge both the living and the dead! He is the true judge who will not judge with partiality and favouritism but looks deeper than man sees. He looks into the heart, and His judgement is correct and true!
God is the judge of all judges! The judiciary system of the world originated from Him. He is our lawgiver, our judge, our king!
In our time, judges are even being elevated to the position of celebrities and their importance is being recognized more than ever before.
The decision of  judges are being used to entertain in this day and age that entertainment is big business and people seek to be entertained. From the likes of judge Judy to judge Rinder, from Paul Hollywood to Simon Cowell, from Mary Berry to WillIam I. Am, from Donald Trump to  Louis Walsh to Cheryl Fernandez Varsini, from Sir Alan Sugar to Nigeria's Charly Boy Oputa.
From judging in the courtroom, to judging on talent shows like X- Factor and The Voice, to business shows like The Apprentice UK and Apprentice USA, modern day judges are interesting to read about and watch!

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