Sunday, 9 February 2014


I once heard the story of a donkey some people didn't like. These people did everything in their power to get rid of this donkey, including digging up a big pit and pushing the donkey into it.
We are in such times today. We are in perilous time because there are perilous men out there. The Bible talks about perilous times in the latter days, and I believe these are the times we are in.
As we journey through life, its not everyone who will like us.
If you are on the path to your success and your dream not everyone will support you, in fact that is when adversity will arise most. Adversity might occur due to jealousy and envy or ignorant people misunderstanding you.
Liken yourself to that donkey I mentioned. The story goes on that those who pushed the donkey into the pit were upset the donkey didn't die after it was pushed into the pit. So they decided to bury it alive.
They started dishing dirt on the donkey, hoping to fill up the pit with the donkey buried in it.
You can liken the dishing of dirt on the donkey as criticisms, verbal attacks, sarcasm, being lied about and perhaps physical attacks all with the intention of making you give up, 'drowning' and distracting you.
But the donkey handled the earth and dirt being shoveled at him the right way.
Each time the donkeys 'enemies' threw dirt and mud into the pit, the donkey simply trampled them under his feet, he kept doing that until he was rising higher. The mud and earth served as platforms for the donkey to rise higher.
This is how we should handle criticism and adversity. Use every effort of the enemy as a platform to rise higher by rejecting their efforts, trampling it under your feet and ignoring them.
The 'enemies' of this donkey eventually wore themselves out filling up the entire pit, by the time the pit was filled up, the donkey emerged on top of all the earth and mud which was enough to bring him to the surface and he walk away, going his way peacefully as his enemies watched him walk off. They were too tired to even run after him because they had spent all their strength trying to bury him.
Right before their eyes the donkey walked off!
If you handle adversity with wisdom, just like that donkey, your enemies will watch you walk off freely and they will be powerless to do anything because they had spent all their strength trying to bring you down.

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  1. This is a nice piece that depicts a contemporary picture of a willing and struggling man in our typical society. Looking unto Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith gives us the protection against the various darts of all enemies. Victory is always the result. You too are a winner any time in Jesus name, amen.