Thursday, 30 January 2014

The Dreamers Journey To The Dream!

'The dreamers Journey To The Dream' is the newest work of the author Olutosin Ogunkolade.
Published through feedaread, it is an interesting small volume that can be easily carried around in today's busy and hectic world.
The book is  inspiring and encouraging, intended to awake the dream and the dreamer in every one who purchases a copy.
Written in words that are easy to understand, it cuts across every age group, and can encourage anyone at any level and stage of life.
Written by an author who has life experience, an author who has journeyed and is still journeying on that road to the dream, an author who has seen many of his own dreams become tangible manifestations. It is a book that will enlighten, inspire, educate and motivate the reader through insights, wisdom and knowledge gathered from study and applied practically in life.

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  1. This is commendable. What this means is that the qualities a person has, help overcome or be overcome by life challenges subject to the positive or negative application of such innate qualities. You have turned your nagging challenges to a springboard of success.You will reach there in Jesus mighty name.