Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Who Are Your Role Models?

Role models are heroes to someone, the good thing is that you are somebody's role model, you are someone's hero.
Role models give us a vision, they are in a sense human visions we aspire to be like.
Positive inspirational role models are hard to find now, because they are in the minority. Unfortunately will live in times where the negative is praised and accepted, and the positive is rejected and belittled.
But you can be the difference.
You can become the role model to subscribe to in your field of endeavor.
There are a number of people who have inspired me greatly,people whose passion I admire,whose intelligence inspires, and whose diligence has made an impact!
It's good to know we still have positive role models in this world, shinning lights within the darkness of this world who by diligent study, the grace of God and unrelenting effort are a pride to hear and behold.
One of such men in my opinion is Les Brown, I consider him one of the finest speakers in the world, his delivery is both powerful and strategic, he is also a very humble man. A man who loves his adopted mother passionately, he fulfills the Biblical command that we are honor our father and our mother.
Another role model for me is Anthony Robbins. A versatile, gifted business and life strategist with results beyond the ordinary for what he teaches. He has helped and saved tons of lives by his gift and intelligence, when Anthony Robbins teaches, you can feel his compassion for people and his passion to help them. He  fulfills the wisdom nugget, 'what you make happen for others, God will make happen for you'
Zig Ziglar of blessed memory is a role model worth watching, listening to and emulating. His books are very inspiring, his love for his wife is very commendable, his openness about his christian faith is worth emulating and he has made tremendous impact in a positive way.
Norman Vincent Peale is another good model who has left a worthwhile legacy for generations through his writings and preachings. No other individual has brought the importance and psychology of right and positive thinking to the world like Norman Vincent Peale.
President Barack Obama is another role model the world will not forget. His achievements are historical, his life is an inspiration and the way and wisdom with which he channels his oratory gift is mesmerizing.
Paul Antonio is a calligrapher of repute whose gift and dedication to his work is admirable.
The passion, wisdom and dedication of Nigeria's Bishop Oyedepo is impressive and shows us qualities worth emulating.
In the field of science,I admire the spirit of exploration Albert Einstein and Isaac Newton have.
I love the God given wisdom of Mike Murdock and his heart for Pastors.
Former Governor of California, mega successful weight lifter and film star Arnold Schwarzzenneger has a fascinating life. I see him as one of those rare individuals who's made the most of the opportunities life has presented him.
We are all called to be role models. The call to be a role model is a call to leave the non-essentials of life to focus on the things that really matter, it is a call to aspire to greater things, better values and in the process inspiring everyone in our sphere of influence positively.

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