Wednesday, 30 October 2013

The Need For Life Mentors.

We don't need to suffer unnecessarily. Life has enough battles, complications and challenges that come with it, why add more challenges to what you have got when it can be avoided?
There is someone who has achieved what you want to achieve,there is someone who is where you want to be, there are people who have tread the path you are beginning to journey on. There are people who know what you need to know and can teach you what you need to be taught to get you to where you want to get to.
Such people can help you reduce the stress in your journey of life, they can help you get to your destination faster and avoid pain and hurts you do not have to experience. They have the ideas you need because they have been on a similar journey and are familiar with the terrain.
You should make such people your mentor.
Do you recognize a potential mentor when you see one?
Mentors are part of life's opportunities. Make the most of them.
How far you go in life will be determined by how well you seize opportunities.
It is crucial we make the most of our opportunities if we are going to live fulfilled lives.
A mentor is someone who has what you need to get to where you want to get to and is willing to share the secrets of the journey with you.
Mentors are actually destiny helpers.
Many have missed out on their God assigned mentors, due to an inability to discern them, pride and arrogance or the foolishness of thinking they can make it without direction from those who have gone a head of them.
Mentors help you lift the burden on your journey, they see what you do not see and know what you do not know. Mentors should be friendly but firm, disciplined and caring enough to straighten out their protege. A good mentor is one who knows where you are coming from, feels what you are going through but allows you to bear your own 'cross'.
Since life is designed for relationships, and we need other people to get to where we are going to, it's time we start opening ourselves up to the wisdom and privilege of good mentors.

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