Saturday, 26 May 2012


The  story of  David  and  Goliath  has  always  been  a  captivating  story. It's  symbolic  in  many  ways  and  has  many  intrigues  to  it.
 It's  a  story  that's  symbolic  of  the  victory  of  light  over  darkness, good  over  evil  and  how  God  uses  the  seemingly  foolish  things  of   the  world  to  confound  the  wise,  the  base  things  to confound  the  mighty.
 Personally  I  like  that  story  because  I am  a  writer  and  I draw  inspiration  from  it  and  a  number  of  life  lessons.
 My  third  book  'SWORD OF GOLIATH'  has it's  inspiration  from  it. It  will be  out  by  year  ending  and  it  promises  to  be  a  fictional, historical  and action  adventure  treat! A  must  read  for  all you  lovers  of fiction  and  action. I will be  out  in  about 4 to 5 months  time. My  fourth  book 'KEEPERS  OF  THE  KEYS' will be  out  early  next  year, also  published  by  Author house publishers.
 You will be  able  to  get  copies  through,, and a host of other online retailers.
I look forward to your views about it.
Olutosin Ogunkolade

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