Saturday, 26 May 2012


A quote I once came across reads 'A man with a vision is a mad man until His vision comes to pass'.
People who have a vision in their hearts, people who have a dream have a certain restlessness about them to see their visions or dreams come to pass. Your vision and your dream is the same thing. It's a mental picture and strong desire outlined within you of what you want to achieve and manifest.
We are not created to live purposeless lives, we have been built and designed to fulfil and manifest our dreams. We all have dreams, its what propels us to make the decisions we make and take the steps we take.
There are good dreams/visions as their are bad ones. Your dream is not your purpose but your dream must be linked to your life's purpose. Your purpose is what God has in mind concerning you, Gods dream for you. Your dream must reflect part of, or all of God's purposes for you.
Like everything thats alive, dreams have a stage and process to them. They are listed below:

1) CONCEPTION STAGE- This is the stage where the dream has just come into your heart. The idea has just 'dropped' into you when you perhaps least expected it or when you were going about your daily activities. It dropped into you like seeds are dropped into soil, it happens largely by inspiration.

2) DEVELOPMENT STAGE- This stage or season is where you know within you that your dream is growing, you know it because you can feel it within you, it's getting bigger on the inside. It's at this stage that the details of your dream get clearer and the steps to take to the fulfilment of your dream gets clearer. This stage is also a very vulnerable stage, because fear can increase  as  the  dream  gets  clearer  and this  can  be  overwhelming.
This stage of the dreams 'life' is when you find it easier to connect the dots. In this season, your dreams and ideas must be well protected and guarded from negative people, laziness, enemies, and thoughts of doubt and fear. It's not the time yet to broadcast your dream. It's the time to put your imagination to work and visualise that dream happening.

3) CONFESSION STAGE- This is the season in your dreams stage when you should use your mouth to declare and confess what you see within you and what you feel and know deep down inside. It's the confess it and have it stage, the decree it and see it stage. There is a power in our tongue that can be used for good or evil. Use it to manifest your dreams and fulfil worthy purposes.
At this stage start sharing your dream with those you feel and know can help you bring it to pass. People whose expertise, resources or encouragement you need.

4) ACTION STAGE- It's that time when you have to take some proactive steps towards the manifestation of your dream. It's the period the rubber needs to meet the road. It's that time when talk has become cheap, if you don't take committed steps and actions to the achievement of your dream. At this stage, you might have to write a business plan, see that bank manager, take a loan towards that business, go on a course, seek counsel or whatever it is you need to do to achieve your dream.

5) MANIFESTATION STAGE- This is it! You conceived it, it developed within you, you confessed it, you took steps by taking positive action. Now you're manifesting it. It's when you started that hospital, that business, wrote that book or married that longtime sweetheart of yours.
Enjoy it, revel in it, its the future you wanted. You didnt give up.


  1. Beautiful, job! I am somewhere between the confession and action phase. I feel like my worst enemy is laziness I want to shout my goals from the rooftops and make everyone hear my voice. I want to be a singer, I want to sing opera and concert opera and spirituals. I dont like musical theater but sometimes I feel like I have to do it. I really appreciate this blog I will bookmark it and look back on it.

    1. Dear Daniel, your dreams can and will be a reality!
      I do hope the article inspires you and serves as a motivation to follow the process to bring your dreams to pass.