Tuesday, 25 October 2011

It's time to give thanks!

I may not be an old man, but I'm not a kid either. I am mature enough to know there is a God somewhere, infact He is in me and He loves me.
As I think about my life, I can't but remain eternally grateful to my creator. I know where I am from and what I have been through, I know I am a miracle of God and have seen His favour in great ways.
God has been merciful this year, He has provided, He has given acceleration and He has completed! Daily I feel His love, see His goodness and see manifestations of His promises. I'm alive! I breath, eat, sleep every night, I have an appetite and my sense organs function perfectly. These are daily miracles people take for granted.
Friends, lets not take God for granted. There are still great things in store the remaining two months of this year for all of us.
Be blessed!

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