Saturday, 29 October 2011

The Benefits Of Challenges.

It's a pattern of life that things come and things go.
In life certain things are common to man and challenges are part of them. I haven't  come across any man  who walked the face of this earth and never encountered any challenge whatsoever. If such a 'character' exists, he must be a fictional creation.
Our challenges are meant to test us and make us, not break us. Challenges come to 'see' what we are made of, they come to test us and qualify us for the next phase of our life, they come to examine if we are ready for our next promotion.
Challenges are the examinations of life, much like academic exams where students are tested by their schools to know if they are competent for the next class. We are also tested by life to check if we are ready to go a step higher, and that is why it's important to have a positive attitude to life.
I agree with Zig Ziglar who said 'your attitude determines your altitude'. When we see challenges for what they really are, we will approach them with the right attitude.
When our attitude to challenges are right, we will pass this test of life.

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