Saturday, 28 May 2011


I  believe speaking  in  parables is  part of  God's style, for " it  is the glory of  God  to conceal  a  matter  but  it  is  to the  glory  of  a  King  to unveil  it".  Our  'Kingship' is  in  our  ability  to  accurately  understand  and  interpret  modern  day  parables. And  we  have  what  it  takes  because  we  are   God's  children,  "we  have  been  made  Kings  and  priests  through  Christ". Understanding  the  mysteries  of  God  hidden  in  life  and  God's communication  have  been  given  to  His  children. I  have an  understanding  God  still speaks  to us  in parables  today "for  God is  the  same yesterday, today  and  forever", if  he spoke to  people as Jesus through  parables in times past, and if  God doesn't change  then  it  means He still  speaks to us  in parables today. But many people do not understand  and  accurately  interpret  the  parables  that  come to  them  in  modern  times, there is a  need for modern day interpreters, but  more  importantly, it  is credible for a man to understand  and    interpret  the  parables  being  communicated  to  Him.
 In Bible times, "interpreters" were rare people, they were seen as 'magicians' of some sort with gifted abilities to understand mysteries and interpret dreams that others could not. Men of calibre like Joseph and Daniel  rose to the heights they did largely because of their gifts of accurately  interpreting what others couldn't. Interpreters  are  equally  needed  today  because  God  is  speaking  but  many  are  not  understanding  the parables.
What  is  a  parable  and  why  parables? Parables  are  fictional  stories  that  contain moral  or  spiritual lessons. God  speaks  to  us  in  parables  to  make  us  search  for  Him  and  also  to  help  us  put  the  Spirit  within  us  to  work, trying  to  figure  out  a  parable  sharpens  our  intellect  and  develops  us  spiritually. When  parables  are  figured  out  there  is  a  reward  and  a  honour  that  comes  with  it.
How  are  modern  day  parables  communicated  to  us  in  our  time? I  believe God's parables  are seen  in  our  dreams  and  circumstances. People  need  to  be  sensitive  to  the  hidden  messages  in  their  circumstances  and dreams. Dreams  should  not  be  taken  for  granted, though  dreams  are  not  the  most  accurate  way  God  speaks  to  us  in  our  times. The  most  accurate  way  of  knowing Gods  will and ways  is  through  the  Bible. But  God  still speaks  to  us  through   dreams  because  He  hasn't  changed. But  not  all dreams  are  from  God, for  example, nightmares  are  not  from  God  because  they  cause  fear "God  has  not  given  us  a spirit  of  fear  but  of  power, love  and  a sound  mind"
Job 33:15  proves  to  us  God  speaks  through  dreams. When  we  have  dreams  that  are  from  God  their  interpretation  is  either  literal  or are  in  the  form  of  a  parable (it contains symbols  and  representations)
We need God's Spirit  to accurately  understand  these  night  parables, for God's Spirit is the true interpreter. we are just  receipients of  what  Gods Spirit  is saying. God's  Spirit  also  help  us  to  perceive  the  hidden  messages  in  our  circumstancial  parables  and  understand  them. God's Spirit  helps  us  to  connect  the  dots  in  the  hidden  messages  of  circumstancial  parables.
To  accurately  interpret  dreams  or  night  parables  we  need  to  have  a  good  understanding  of  God's  Word. God's Spirit and His Word work together, and there are stories, insights and applicable  wisdom  within  the Word  of  God  thats  needed  for  the  parable  of  our  lives.
Dreams can  also  have  literal  interpretations (like the  dream Jacob  had  that  gave  him  a  strategy  to  rise  above  His  uncle  Laban  in  business). Dreams  with  literal  interpretations  in  my  view  are  not  as  common  as  dreams  thats  are  parables  in  their  nature.

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  1. I have to say my brother that your concept of God as separate from self is disturbing. Do you believe everything you are told. Have you ever had even one single thought come from you and not others. You are a child in a man's world, before you speak you should learn. Anyone can write a book, few can do it well and even fewer know what they are speaking of. Good luck, you will need it if you have any prayer of comprehending truth.