Saturday, 14 December 2013

We Need Dreamers.

The world needs people who have a dream! 
It is those that have a dream that become leaders, it is leaders who have influence, and it is those who have influence that are positioned to change the world.
 Dreamers are important, dreams are vital because dreams and dreamers are necessary in the equation of  success and progress. Your dream is your vision. Your mental picture and visualization, the standard you have set for yourself, for a product, a person, a people or an organisation. Dreams give you hope, they help you not to settle for less, dreams give you something to look forward to, dreams keep you excited, dreams keep you motivated, dreams keep you expectant, dreams keep you moving, dreams help you maintain a positive mindset and dreams help you earn respect and love. Good leaders are simply good dreamers. A President of a nation should have a dream for that nation. If he doesn't have a dream for that nation he/she should have no reason or basis to aspire for the Presidency in the first place. When you have a dream to lead people, a positive dream to do well for people it helps to keep you in love.In love with those you want to lead. One of the challenges of countries that are not as developed as they ought to be is the fact that their leaders don't love their people. If their leaders loved them, their leaders would lead them better and make decisions in their best interest.
History attests to the fact that those who have a dream and keep their dreams alive against all odds are the ones who make it to the top.. Dreamers are the ones who carry the answers!
 Dreams help you endure and give you a reason to keep going when times seem rough.
No country gains prominence or rises any higher than the ability of it's leaders to dream and think.
No business grows and moves with the change of time than the ability of it's leadership to dream and think!
A family cannot be any better or happier than the ability of its head,and the ability of the parents to have a dream for that family. Men who have a dream are very few and far between. The bane of most countries regarded as third world countries has been it's leadership. Unfortunately most of those who have found themselves in power in such parts of the world are people who have no dream,and are therefore not moving with the progressive 'spirit' of the times. Because they have no dream,they are busy focusing and wasting wealth on things that won't last to the next generation, issues that have no long term value and spending on selfish and vindictive purposes. They lack ideas because they don't have any dreams. Ideas are rooted in dreams and dreams work with the mind. When a dream is received by an individual or a people, the means, they way and the resources to make that dream manifest begins to take place in the mind. Our minds begin to work to see to the manifesting of the dreams we have chosen to embrace. In other words dreams keep our mental faculties working and fully functional.
In a day and age when developed countries are into space exploration and discovering & developing technologies, countries regarded as third world countries are still struggling with power failure. 
It's a shame because the finances are there to make things happen! 
It's the visionary leadership that is lacking. 
We still practice 'bread and butter politics' and are surrounded by 'owambe' politicians who are bereft of ideas.
Religious institutions also have a responsibility to do more for their followers. Platforms should be created not just to 'glorify' the leader/shepherd but to develop & promote talents among us. The citizens of a country are the glory of that country!The solution to such a rot is to see to it that men who have a dream are the ones who are voted into power.
Dreams give you a goal.When you dissect your dream you will be able to see short term goals and long term goals to make that dream happen.

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