Saturday, 14 September 2013


Prayer is a beautiful act.
It is beautiful because it is a means of expression between man and his creator.
The ability to express ourselves is perhaps one of the top gifts the creator has endowed us with.
Knowing and believeing that we can talk to the creator and hear Him in return is even more gratifying. What a gift! Prayer is a gift God has given man, that gives man an audience with God.
Many people seek the audience of the rich and wealthy, the high and mighty, the talented and the gifted but the truly wise seek an audience with God!
Prayer offers us that privilege. It's a privilege we must use.
How have you been using the gift of prayer, do you use it at all.
Prayer is communication with God, and true communication is not just about speaking but hearing in return. What use is it, to talk to God but He doesn't talk to you in return? So God talks to people.
There is an art to prayer.
Understanding the art of prayer will make your prayer a masterpiece and give you an audience with God anyday.
True prayer is praying from the standpoint of victory, not with the mindset of a victim.
The art of prayer is the skill to pray well. Prayer is potent when its prayed from the perspective of God's Word not from the sentiment or fear of what we are going through.
God respects Him own word and He won't and can't go back on it. ''How forcible are right words''
When we speak to or God with the right words we can be sure of the right answers.
The right words for every situation of life is found in the Bible.
The word of God operates with force in the spirit realm when we speak them back to God. "For the word of God is fast and powerful, sharper than any two edged sword" So when we pray the Word mighty forces are released in the spirit realm!
You can't separte God's word from true prayer and you can't separate true prayer from God's Word. The work together to get the answers we need. "you in Me and I in you"
When the word of God is uttered with understanding from the heart, things happen!
So the starting point of prayer is the Word! We have to put the word of God in our hearts, in other words we have to understand Gods Words and have a conviction about it.
This makes prayer work.
God's Spirit works with His Word. When you put His Words in your heart, you are giving God's spirit raw material to work with in your favor.

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