Wednesday, 25 July 2012


I believe we are in times when we need the 'eye of the eagle' and the 'eyes of Elisha' more than ever before.
You might wonder what I mean by the eye of the eagle? The eye of the eagle refers to foresight, that unique ability to see ahead of your detractors, critics, competition or enemies.
The eagle is a unique bird with many fine qualities but what stands out among the many qualities of the eagle is its eyes. The eagle is the only bird and animal that can look directly into the sun, it has foresight and vision. It can see its prey many, many miles away even as it hides it some of the most unusual places. The eagle is a survivor. To survive in this difficult economic times we must see what others are not seeing to makes the most of opportunities around us.
What use are opportunities when you don't see them or recognise them?
The eye os the eagle is similar to the eye of Elisha.
Elisha is that prophet of old who was the protege of Elijah. God gave him the unique ability to see into the spirit realm. He had a confidence many didn't have despite being surrounded by enemies round about. It's because he could see the angels of God around him that were there to protect him and his side kick Gehazi.
What do you see dear friend?
Do you recognise your opportunities though they come disguised as hard work? How do you view difficult situations and the state of the World we are in.
Your view is how you see, how you see determines your perception, and your perception determines your placement in life.
Daily lets pray to God for the eyes of the eagle and the eyes of Elisha. The eyes of the eagle will help us see what is ours or can be ours in the physical while the eyes of Elisha helps us see into the supernatural realm where our blessings are.

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